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Debating progressive
educational politics:
welcome to SOSS*

Welcome to SOSS, a developing forum for  educational debate. There has been a ferment of discussion around school policies and government intiatives for many years, but despite much well researched critical debate the influence of campaigning to change current practice at Westminster is questionable. Analyses and proposals from progressive thinkers need to command more attention. It is clear there is a School Revoluton – a change in fundamentals – on going for decades. This became consciously the politics of the Coalition (2010 – 2015). New initiatives emerge all the time, sometime contradicting the previous ones, but always in the direction of more control from the centre and a marketization agenda and removal of the rights of ordinary people – this site will analyse and discuss how to counter this agenda.

Now the dominant theme is the determination of the Conservatives, freed from the Liberal Democrat restraint, to plough ahead with what they wanted to do previously have made Cameron’s agenda into practice, while Nicky Morgan and Nick Gibb, both grammar school graduates, Theresa May has made the first attempt to bring back grammar schools going beyond a loophole in the 1998 Act which stopped new grammar schools. This move is contested by Labour, unlike the Academy movement which still has support. But the overall picture is constant change dominated by right wing agendas. The need for sustained debate and activity around School Policy is becoming more and more obvious.

To take part in the debate, please contact the Symposium on Sustainable Schools at Viewpoint, PO Box 3599 ST16 9RD, or here on the web.

* SOSS stands for Symposium on Sustainable Schools. The current methods of running English Education. are not sustainable.